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Build production-ready projects with your team.

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HorizonOS 1.2 for Webflow

Add AI chat into any No-code prototype faster. Upload data, embed into any page with Horizon's Latest Update

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Build AI on top of HorizonOS. Leverage Your Existing Data. Embed an AI chat anywhere.

Create powerful apps and workflows from any datasource and securely deploy professional-grade solutions across your teams.

$199 Lifetime License
Then $99/Month for AI
Create unlimited projects, authentication, analytics and insights with unlimited backups and webhooks
Build Micro-models with AI from $99.00 (per Month)

Trusted and best financial services

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Safe and Reliable

We prioritize the safety and security of your data above all else.

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Easy to Use

We believe that investing should be accessible and straightforward for everyone.

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Cross Platform

Our foremost concern is to ensure the safety and security of your investments.

Go from database to data engine. Power any project imaginable and connect into any no-code frontend.

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Connect Directly to Webflow

The fastest way to create a headless Webflow build with authentication, analytics and insights to power any webflow project.


Connect Directly to  Wix

Use Wix headlessly and we empower Wix users with the ability to build a CMS, analytics and insights to power any webflow project.


Connect Directly to Webstudio (Soon)

Webstuio is coming soon and we believe that Webstudio is perfect for a headless data build and should be accessible and straightforward for everyone.

Enterprise and SMBs use HorizonOS to power their frontend

Connects to Webflow and Wix with one click
Free consultation with our expert team
Authentication for Gated Content
AI driven CMS for auto-creating content
Insights and Analytics for tracking your Project
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Start up HorizonOS

$199/lifetime access

This standard plan will give you an interesting experience with several advantages, including those listed below.

  • 24/7 business support
  • Authentication Gated Content
  • Analytics & Insights with Reporting
  • CMS AI content engine to automatically schedule and create content
Install HorizonOS 1.2
AI Plan with Embeddable Chat


Install an AI chat experience inside any frontend that is fine-tunned on your data. Use the builder to create custom AI micro-models and embed them anywhere.

  • Advanced AI vector data compression
  • Comprehensive LLM connections
  • Priority email support
  • Customize the AI with your data, embed it with copying one line of code.
Inquire about the AI Embed Chat Feature

Let the experts help you. We have           No Coder and our AI team ready to help you           built an AI driven          headless CMS and connect it to any frontend.

Kate W.
Head of Marketing at Scoop

"The team at Sendero (HorizonOS) has lived up to every definition of the word "partner". They're adaptive, fast, and flexible (all the things you'd hope for!). We're so thrilled with what we've accomplished so far and look forward to working alongside them in the future."

Paige J.
Head of UX at Heavy.AI

"I highly recommend Sendero (HorizonOS), they are a great engineering team with quick turn around on all projects and requests. We recently worked with them on updating our website and any changes, updates or modifications I needed on the website were always taken care of quickly!"

Join the future of building

HorizonOS is committed to the open web. With the help of our customers, we devoting very facet of our versions to pushing forward the free, open source AI cloud code and community.

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